Painless Root Canal in Delhi

RCT is a saviour for most infected teeth. A Root Canal Treatment can be done in following situations:-

  • Infectedteeth
  • Fracturedteeth
  • TeethwithAcuteorChronicpain
  • Teeth with Periapical infection
Root Canal Treatment/Procedure
  • Root canal Treatment cures the infection of the tooth. Infections can occur due to injury to the teeth, cracks, chips or long-neglected cavity, which penetrates downwards to infect the pulp (pulpitis) and nerve endings at the end of the root canal.
  • RCT is required when there is inflammation of the pulp and in some cases death of the pulp making teeth non-vital.
  • The prime objective of RCT, an endodontic treatment, is to remove the bacteria-infected inflamed pulp tissue. Root canal specialist employs the advanced procedures to eliminate infection, reduce pain and save the teeth over a single or multiple sitting depending on the extent of infection.
  • Single sitting RCT has become highly popular because of the availability of advanced Endodontic instruments which speed up the process and make it absolutely painless.