Smile Design in laxmi nagar

Whether you have crooked, chipped, cracked, discoloured, misaligned teeth or excessive visibility of the supporting gums, our smile design services will let you choose your new smile before any of the work is done. Over the course of several appointments in Smirk, we will make that smile a reality using a broad range of treatments and our years of expertise in cosmetic dentistry.

Smile designing isn’t a single procedure, it involves multiple corrections which includes teeth, gums, jaws, etc.Based on the defects, smile designing and Smile Correction procedures encompass a wide area of treatment procedures ranging from basic cosmetic dentistry procedures to highly complex surgeries on the facial skeleton to correct jaw deformities. The smile designing procedures can be classified under the following categories:

  • Basic cosmetic dental procedures

  • scaling & oral prophylaxis, tooth whitening, tooth-colored restorative procedures, dental bonding, veneers, and dental jewelry.

  • Periodontal procedures

  • management of gingivitis and periodontitis, gingival contouring, gingival de-pigmentation, and surgical management of “gummy smiles” (gummy smile correction).

  • Orthodontic procedures

  • to correct irregularity and mal-alignment of teeth.

  • Crown and bridge procedures

  • carried out to replace missing teeth/ strengthen or modify the shape of existing tooth/teeth by providing cap(s) over them.

  • Dental Implant procedures

  • to replace missing teeth.

  • Dentofacial Esthetic Surgery procedures

  • to correct the abnormal size/shape/positioning of jaws in order to achieve a good balance in facial proportion The cost of a smile design and correction is determined on an individual case basis, it depends on the condition of the tooth and gums. Different treatments are necessary to correct various factors affecting the smile.